Jolteon plush electrifies the Build-A-Bear scene


The electric type first-gen Eeveelution Jolteon is the next Pokémon to appear at Build-A-Bear. Joining the ranks of Snorlax, Pichu, Piplup, and fellow Eeveelution Flareon, this Jolteon plush is sure to please Pokémon fans everywhere.  Here’s how the Build-A-Bear website sums up this dazzling beast.

Jolteon is the second Eevee Evolution plush to arrive at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Jolteon is an Electric-type Pokémon with its stunning golden fur, white mane, striking ears and spikey fur. This Pokémon looks shockingly adorable with its exclusive Electric-Type Cape, Poké Ball Sleeper and 6-in-1 sound chip included. Be lightning quick and bolt away with Jolteon today!

Well, are you convinced? If so, you can order your stuffed Jolteon now at Build-A-Bear’s website. For $64, you can get a bundle with the sparky Pocket Monster itself, an Electric-Type cape, a Poké Ball sleeper, and a 5-in-1 sound chip. If you aren’t interested in dropping a brand new game’s worth of coin on a whole bundle, you can just grab the Pokémon itself for $32.

Are you going to be picking up your very own Jolteon? Do you have any other Build-A-Bear Pokémon already? Which ones? Are there any other Pokémon you’d like to see Build-A-Bear take a crack at? Let us know in the comments!

Nick Pearson
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