True art: An interactive video from a Nintendo fan features a painting-like Jolly Roger Bay from Super Mario 64

Jolly Roger Bay

Children from the 90s, and those of you who purchased Super Mario 3D All-Stars, will know of Jolly Roger Bay from Super Mario 64. The third course in the game, this aquatic level is full of water, pirate ships, and a terrifying eel. A YouTuber who goes by the handle Theanine decided to pay homage to the level with an interactive, fan-made video. In the process of doing so, they created a beautiful, painting-like aesthetic for gamers to enjoy.

You have never seen Jolly Roger Bay quite like this

Get ready for a gorgeous assault on your senses with the clip below:

It’s like I jumped into Yoshi’s Island from a first-person perspective.

The great thing about this production is you can rotate the camera 360 degrees on your viewing device. Perfect for seeing all the sights, but be careful not to get startled by the aforementioned eel. This is an almost flawless recreation of the bay. However, there is some weird grating at the end and Wing Cap boxes not featured in the original area.

Enthusiasts, what are your opinions on this fresh take of Jolly Roger Bay?  Would you like to see more stages from Super Mario 64 redone in this style? Let us know in the comments below!

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