Jim Carrey to play Sonic villain Robotnik in upcoming film

Jim Carrey Robotnik

Jim Carrey has played many iconic roles across films like Ace Venture: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Bruce Almighty, and he might be able to add video game villain to his roster. Carrey is currently in negotiations to play Sonic’s nemesis Robotnik in the upcoming live-action CGI film of Sega’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog series. The film will also star James Marsden and Tika Sumpter. That’s right, Sonic fans–we are finally getting a Sonic movie. Hopefully this hybrid will be worth watching and not pull a Super Mario Bros. movie and be horrible to watch. The plot for the film is like this: Sonic and friends must stop Dr. Eggman from taking over the world.

Sonic first made his debut onto the video game scene back in 1991 on Sega Genesis. He has since crossed over and been on many Nintendo platforms as well, even partnering up with Mario and friends. The series has sold an impressive 80 million physical copies over time! He has even made his presence known on TV with five different series. Sonic the Hedgehog is currently in pre-production scheduled for release sometime in 2019 according to IMDB. Now he takes on the silver screen, and only time will tell whether it will be a flop or a hit.

Tarah Bleier