Jim Carrey talks about playing Sonic with his grandson

Jim Carrey sonic movie sonic games grandson

It took a little longer than originally planned, but the Sonic movie is almost here! Ahead of the release, some of the film’s key actors sat down for a little behind the scenes chat. Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey, or Sonic and Robotnik, respectively, took very different approaches. Ben Schwartz jokes about rolling around with “about 150 hedgehogs” to get into character, while Carrey talks about how this job led him to start playing the Sonic games with his grandson. Meanwhile, James Marsden is just ecstatic to be working with his “hero,” Carrey. You can check it out below!

Behind the scenes of the Sonic movie

Jim Carrey on the games

I knew, when I got the call to do this movie, that Sonic was a game. I think I had played it once or twice, and after I got the call, I started playing it with my grandson. Who humiliated me constantly. These games have turned kids into jet pilots. I mean, they are quick. Their reflexes are awesome. He’s nine years old and trash talks me. I get angry. I put money in the swear jar. I’m actually a lot like Robotnik.

It’s great to see all of these actors really getting into their roles and appreciating the franchise. For Marsden and Schwartz, the opportunity was like a dream come true. For Jim Carrey, it’s been a great opportunity to spend time with his grandson.


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