Jenga: Super Mario & Monopoly Super Mario are the big anniversary games you wanted

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Nintendo and Hasbro recently announced Jenga: Super Mario and Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition, which per Twitter will both launch on Aug. 1. Each one has a listing at Amazon already, except it claims Jenga: Super Mario is already in stock for $19.99, whereas Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition is currently not even available for preorder but is reportedly $29.99. In any case, you’ll be able to get your Nintendo board game fix soon enough from Hasbro.

Jenga: Super Mario isn’t the typical Jenga experience you’re used to. Instead of just delicately pulling out blocks and hoping another player sends the whole tower flying, you control Mario characters who are climbing the tower to defeat Bowser, collecting coins along the way. Furthermore, you spin a spinner “to determine the number of blocks to stack, how many layers your Super Mario character must climb, or whether to reverse play or collect coins.”

Meanwhile, Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition is more like the game you’ve always played. (It’s certainly not the first Mario Monopoly rendition either.) However, it comes enhanced by iconic imagery and sound effects: “Press the Question Block to collect or lose coins or to take another turn, and hear classic Super Mario sound effects such as Bowser’s laugh, the Power-Up sound, and more.”

Rumors and related information persist about a July Nintendo Direct and Super Mario 3D remasters being announced, but if that all turns out to be bogus — there are always board games.


John Friscia
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