Japan’s Pokémon Center Shibuya to open November 22

Pokémon Center SHIBUYA

According to Japanese promotional materials, Pokémon Center Shibuya (the Pokémon Center store under construction at the Shibuya Parco Building in Tokyo) will open on Nov 22. As we reported earlier, Nintendo plans to open a Nintendo Store in the same Shibuya Parco Building in Tokyo this Fall. However, Pokémon Center stores are a little different, especially compared to traditional Nintendo Stores like Nintendo New York.

How Pokémon Center Stores differ from regular Nintendo Stores

A Pokémon Center store is a store where you can purchase officially licensed Pokémon merchandise. These stores have everything from plushies to copies of the most recent Pokémon games, along with everything in between. In Japan, the stores are run by The Pokémon Company, while in the United States, the stores are run by The Pokémon Company International.

Each Pokémon Center store has a certain theme based on the Pokémon games. For example, the Pokémon Center store in Solamachi is Rayquaza-themed, since it is located at the bottom floor of the Skytree Radio Tower of Tokyo (and Rayquaza lives in the sky). The new Pokémon Center store in the Shibuya Parco building looks like it will feature a Mewtwo theme.

Are you excited about the new Pokémon Center Shibuya store? We understand that for many of us, it’s not exactly easy to just mosey on over to Tokyo to check out the opening of a new gaming store, but have you ever been to one? Let us know about your personal experience with Pokémon Center stores in the comments!


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