Japanese YouTuber Hikakin broke his 3 million yen Baccarat crystal Pikachu

Japanese YouTuber Hikakin broke a 3 million yen Baccarat crystal Pikachu

Popular Japanese YouTuber Hikakin revealed in a recent video that he broke a crystal Pikachu by high-end French luxury brand Baccarat, which he purchased for over 3 million yen (~$26,000).

Hikaru “Hikakin” Kaihatsu rose to fame back in 2010 from his famous Super Mario Beatbox video. Since then, he’s been a big face of Japanese YouTube as an influencer and talent. While he hasn’t made any beatboxing videos in a while, he’s been popular for his videos of extravagant purchases.

Japanese YouTuber Hikakin broke a 3 million yen Baccarat crystal Pikachu

His latest purchase was a Baccarat Pikachu crystal that measures 30 cm (11.8 inches) and weighs a hefty 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs). The pricey crystal set him back 3,070,000 yen. Moreover, Baccarat only made 25 of these Pikachu crystals as part of Pokémon‘s 25th anniversary. The crystal Pikachus were only available through the flagship Baccarat stores in Tokyo, Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The video started out as usual with Hikakin showing his excitement for his super rare purchase.”Woah, it’s huge! So cool! I’m so stoked!” Hikakin exclaimed. “It is extremely rare and valuable. I’ll do my best to take good care of it, so it doesn’t crack or break!” he added. At around the middle of the video, it looked like Hikakin was just about done recording, but a message appeared saying, “I was going to end this video here, but a tragedy occurred…”

Hikakin explained that the following morning, just 10 hours after receiving the Baccarat crystal Pikachu, he placed it on his silver table (actual table made of silver) to take pictures for Instagram. However, it ended up being slightly tilted forward, and just like that, the Pikachu’s right leg completely broke off.

“It’s considered something like an antique, so there wasn’t anything like a warranty for it. I’m currently looking for someone who specializes in these in hopes of a fix. Sigh… I didn’t think it would come down to this,” explained the teary-eyed Hikakin, who warned people to be careful when handling fragile items.

The video is in Japanese, but you can watch it in the embed below to get a look:

While most people probably can’t afford a 3 million yen Pikachu crystal, a life-size Lucario plush will be available this May for $400. A 1/2 scale Arcanine plush will also be available this March.