Japanese poll asks: Do you want the Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

Japanese poll asks fans Do you want the Nintendo Switch OLED Mode

A Japanese poll has gained traction after Nintendo revealed the new Switch OLED Model earlier this week. The currently ongoing poll from Yahoo Japan! asks readers if they want the new Switch model.

As of writing this article, the Yahoo Japan poll has exactly 6,000 votes among three choices of “I want it,” “I don’t want it,” and “I don’t know.” Check out the results thus far below:

Japanese poll asks fans Do you want the Nintendo Switch OLED Mode

Japanese poll: Do you want the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model?
  • “I don’t want it” – 60.9% (3,654 votes)
  • “I want it” – 30.3% (1,818 votes)
  • “I don’t know” – 8.8% (529 votes)

The poll opened yesterday, and it’ll be available until October 8, when the Switch OLED Model launches. With over 6,000 votes already in, it should be interesting to see shifts in the results as we approach the new Switch model’s release in a few more months.

Here are some thoughts and comments from Japanese readers about the Nintendo Switch OLED Model:

  • “If 30% want it, then Nintendo better prepare at least 6 million units for launch.”
  • “That makes sense. Many people already own the Switch.”
  • “Most casual players probably already own a Switch. However, 30% of people wanting it seems more than enough for a new model of a current console.”
  • “I put one for ‘I don’t want it.’ If they were to release a third-generation model with improved processing, even by a little, I’m sure a few more people will want to buy it.”
  • “If it were 35,000 yen (~$318.68) with tax included, I’d buy it, but 38,000 yen (~$346) is almost 40,000 yen!”
  • “If you’re asking whether I want one or not, then sure I want one, but if you’re asking whether I’ll buy one or not, then no, I’m not.”
  • “Do something about your busted controller before releasing that OLED thing or whatever.”

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model launches worldwide on October 8, 2021. It’ll retail for $349.99 (plus tax) in the United States and 37,980 yen (~$345.78) with tax included in Japan.