Japan: Nintendo Switch sales were over 5 million in 2021

Nintendo Switch sales Japan 5 million

Nintendo Switch has been absolutely dominant in Japan over the past few years. The base hybrid console sold tremendously well at launch, and sales are still strong nearly five years later thanks to the addition of the Lite and OLED models. With 2021 now firmly in the rearview mirror, Famitsu reports (via GamesIndustry.biz) that Nintendo Switch 2021 sales eclipsed 5 million just in Japan.

Nintendo Switch 2021 sales in Japan

With over 5.3 million units sold in 2021, Nintendo Switch was the hottest console in Japan by a long shot. This is the second year in a row that Switch has hit this impressive sales mark, reaching 5.9 million in 2020. Both of those totals are higher than 2019 when it sold 4,494,000 units. It’s also worth noting that sales would likely be even higher if the industry wasn’t dealing with a parts shortage. The console’s total Japanese sales topped 20 million back in June.

When it comes to the Japanese market, Switch simply has no real competition. PlayStation 5 came in second place with 942,798 units sold, and Xbox trailed far behind with 95,598 units sold. In other words, Nintendo sold around five times as many consoles as Sony and Microsoft combined. The affordable price options, handheld capabilities, and strong lineup of games have all given Switch a major edge in a country where it’s become increasingly difficult to sell home consoles.


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