Japan adds five new Pokémon manhole covers for a total of 198

Pokemon manhole covers Fukuoka Japan

Japan has been adding Pokémon-themed manhole covers since 2018, and they recently added five new covers in Fukuoka Prefecture for a total of 198 in the entire country.  The five new covers add eight new Pokémon to the mix, including Aggron, Alolan Dugtrio, Duraludon, and Gardevoir.

Up until now, 17 prefectures in Japan have added the Pokémon manhole covers, and the five new covers mark the first for Fukuoka Prefecture. The “Pokefuta” manhole covers are all unique and have been installed in over 190 locations across Japan. The Pokémon Company plans to continue adding more for years and decades to come.

Here’s a closer look at the five new manhole covers added in Kitakyushu of Fukuoka Prefecture:

Pokemon manhole covers Fukuoka Japan

The covers feature Aggron, Carkol, Alolan Dugtrio, Sableye, Duraludon, Gardevoir, Lunatone, and Tropius.

Fukuoka Japan manhole cover

Each new set of utility hole covers is celebrated with a ceremony from the city and The Pokémon Company. It started with an Eevee manhole cover in Ibusuki City of Kagoshima Prefecture in December 2018. Since then, they’ve become a tourist attraction for fans and a pleasant surprise for those who find them by accident.

Pokemon manhole covers Fukuoka Japan

Here is the list of prefectures that feature the Pokémon covers:

  • Kagoshima prefecture: 9
  • Iwate prefecture: 13
  • Kagawa prefecture: 17
  • Miyagi prefecture: 35
  • Kanagawa prefecture: 1
  • Hokkaido: 26
  • Tottori prefecture: 19
  • Fukushima prefecture: 9
  • Tokyo: 12
  • Shiga prefecture: 2
  • Miyazaki prefecture: 26
  • Niigata prefecture: 4
  • Nara prefecture: 5
  • Aomori prefecture: 2
  • Kyoto prefecture: 5
  • Okinawa prefecture: 4
  • Okayama Prefecture: 4
  • Fukuoka Prefecture: 5

You can check out the official website, which has information in English for the utility hole covers. Those in Japan can also purchase various goods including keychains, coasters, magnets, and more with designs based on the covers.