Ready the cannons: Jakks Pacific unveils the Deluxe Bowser’s Airship Playset for this fall

Bowser’s Airship Playset

Nintendo is well aware of Mario’s fame and marketability. And when it comes to toys, the plumber turned hero has no shortage of representation. Jakks Pacific, who has created Mario figures before, is adding to its Super Mario collection with the Deluxe Bowser’s Airship Playset. It will hit retailers this fall.

The Bowser’s Airship Playset is everything I dreamed it would be when I fantasized about it as a child

The playset comes with a 2.5” Mario figure, has propellers that spin, moving wheels, and a button that plays the Airship Theme!

In addition, there is a compartment that opens up for storage use. Perfect for housing any extra figures you may have, which are, of course, sold separately.

Bowser’s Airship Playset
“It is quite cramped in here!”

Mario fans will be able to purchase the amazing toy at participating retailers this fall for $39.99.

As a lover of Mario titles, Super Mario Bros. 3 in particular, I may need to buy the Bowser’s Airship Playset. For my future kids, of course! There is no way I’d take the ship and fly it around my apartment, making noises and pretending to crash it into things. That’d be silly.

Enthusiasts, will you procure the Deluxe Bowser’s Airship Playset this fall? Let us know below!

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