J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot starts a game studio with Left 4 Dead creator Michael Booth as GM

J.J. Abrams Bad Robot Games studio Michael Booth Left 4 Dead creator Anna Sweet CEO

The worlds of film, television, and video games are all converging at an unprecedented speed, mostly thanks to streamers like Netflix releasing awesome content like The Witcher. However, in a surprising move, another film and television production company is just diving into video games itself. Per Deadline, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot is establishing a game development studio. Michael Booth, an industry veteran known for creating Left 4 Dead, will be the general manager of the studio and report to Anna Sweet, CEO of Bad Robot Games.

Bad Robot Games will comprise two teams, “an in-house studio and a creative co-development team working with external partners.” In turn, Bad Robot Games will develop original IP in collaboration with other divisions of Bad Robot with the ultimate goal of creating worlds and stories that can exist across multiple mediums (e.g., video games, movies, TV). The first game developed will be a AAA title for consoles and PC that offers an immersive and cinematic co-op experience. Michael Booth will build out and lead the development team, and aside from Left 4 Dead, he has worked on numerous franchises such as Counter-Strike, Command & Conquer, and Team Fortress 2.

Anna Sweet provided the following statement about Booth and Bad Robot Games:

All our projects unite our games industry veterans, our film and TV colleagues, and our larger network of talent (writers, composers, sound designers, concept artists, and more), which uniquely allows us to blend artists, areas of expertise, and perspectives across industries to create truly innovative games. Because of this constant collaboration, we’re able to bring a novel, fully integrated approach to cross-medium worldbuilding. Mike is one of the most accomplished game developers in the world and he is constantly looking for ways to advance and innovate to help deliver the most compelling experiences to players.

It sounds great on paper. We’ll see how the execution pans out.


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