Izle Kickstarter Is Now Live

As announced a few days ago, Area Effect already launched a Kickstarter for their ambitious project Izle, which will be released for the Nintendo Wii U this next year.

The campaign is seeking for $90,000 for being funded and it will end this May 1st. At the time of writing, the project already pledged $3,537 with over 90 supporters.

For the moment, there are not stretch goals if the project is pledged, but the studio already hinted a few ideas depending on the funds: more islands and environments, multiplayer, mod support, matchmaking and sharing tools.

If you want to know more about the developers or the game, we recently had an interview with Area Effect about the Wii U version of the game.

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.