Iwata: \”More Key Titles To Be Announced\” by Third-Parties

With Nintendo looking for some way to help their suffering Wii U console to pull them out of a rut, company president Satoru Iwata has got to have a way with words during his investor Q&As. Despite having to hold back, Iwata wants to give the investors what they want to hear in hopes of keeping them happy. Much of Nintendo’s focus has been on first-parties, so in a recent Q&A with investors, Iwata instead talks about third-party games.

According to Iwata, \”there are currently a small number of announcements of new games by third-party software developers for Wii U. I am not in a position to discuss the software to be launched by the third-party developers in detail, but there are more key titles to be announced by them.\”

Nintendo plans to generate momentum for the Wii U by a seamless release of first party titles, as well as establishing the fundamentals for a third-party friendly platform, says Iwata. For third-party developers not working with Nintendo yet, he hopes to, \”swiftly change their minds,\” in an attempt to create success in a third-party environment on the Wii U.

[Source: VG247]


Dakota Lasky