Iwata Dismisses Resignation as Speculation

It’s always easy to point a finger of shame at Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, when looking at the dismal sales figures for the Wii U, and the implied conclusion to the drama that has ensued of his stepping down is nothing but a tall tale of speculation.  Earlier this year, Mr. Iwata implied that if sales hadn\’t picked up for the fledgling console that he himself would fall on his sword and step down as acting president at Nintendo but now Iwata has said that is pure speculation.

Iwata explained that when he referred to the word commitment he meant that Nintendo would stay steadfast in meeting its prime goal of making up for financial losses due to poor Wii U sales and that the company’s sheer determination is what makes that commitment shine through.

\”I believe that my ultimate responsibility is to maximize the long-term corporate value of Nintendo.  That is how I view my role, but on the other hand, I am no saying that the current financial forecast has become unattainable,\” said Iwata.

Iwata went on to say that the industry is one where it is highly unknown as to what the best possible outcome will be and that its easy to be negative and count Nintendo out during their roughest patches.  He said that all in all the end result lies with the consumer and how they respond to the product.  Iwata maintains that how players will react, respond to each other, and then perhaps create a general buzz about a particular game is beyond Nintendo’s reach and that all they can do is do their best to create entertainment that motivates consumers enough to do those things that make games big hits.  In the meantime, however, he said now is not the time to change their financial forecast.

What do you think of the job that Mr. Iwata is doing? Do you think he should step down? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Tom Stovall