Iwata Cites Lack of Software For Poor Wii U Sales Instead Of Price

In a recent interview with CVG Nintendo SEO Satoru Iwata has taken the position of blaming the software instead of the Wii U’s price for its lackluster sales. As proof that this might actually be the issue, he sources the higher sales of the Premium Set over the Basic Set.

\”If the price is actually an issue [with Wii U], then there is some contradiction between the current sales balance between the Basic and Premium versions of the Wii U.\”

\”The basic version should have sold a lot, but the fact of the matter is that people are buying more of the premium version. So the issue is not there.\”

\”I understand that the real issue is the lack of software, and the only solution is to provide the mass-market with a number of quality software titles.\”

Do you agree with Mr. Iwata’s sentiments? Where do you think the real problem lies? What would you do to solve it? Leave your impressions below.

Tom Stovall