It’s alive! Guy resurrects Joy-Con after it falls into a swimming pool

It’s often said that if you have a piece of electronic hardware (in this case, a Joy-Con) that falls into water you should immediately place it in a bed of rice. Sounds comfy, right?

This trick is most often used to absorb any remaining moisture and hopefully bring said device back to life. One man claims that his son had dropped the dreaded left Joy-Con into a swimming pool. The controller sunk to the depths, not being discovered until minutes later. The rice trick was used and voila! Working Joy-Con again.

It’s a Joy-Con, not a submarine

Manuel Fontana claims that after placing the left Joy-Con into water, that it came back to life. Not only that, it’s now working “perfectly.” This is his original post that I came across in a Nintendo Switch group that I’m apart of on Facebook.

Cheers to the 30+ year olds

The group is of course dedicated to Nintendo fans over the age of 30. There are stories of inspiration as members often talk about introducing classic titles to their kids. With the level of difficulty sometimes unbearable for youngsters these days, it’s fun for me to see new generations of gamers experiencing the quarrels of no save points and difficulty spikes. But in this case, someone else just might save a little scratch in their wallet.

The Nintendo Joy-Cons still retail for US $66.99 and up at most stores. So, if you manage to bring them along for a dip in the pool, this might be worth a try to save them from completely drowning.

Are there any tips or tricks that you’ve discovered as a Nintendo Switch owner? Is there anything that you could suggest that would save someone a lot of time or money? We would love to hear, especially when it comes to the dreaded Joy-Con drift found in some left Joy-Cons.

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