Itagaki Addresses Devil’s Third Previews; Will Do “Everything He Can for Gamers”

Many European Nintendo websites have gotten their hands on Devil’s Third, but so far most of the previews have been less than favorable. Tomonobu Itagaki, lead designer of the game, has taken to Facebook to address the early previews.

[to media guys]

Everyone have always previewed Solo Play Mode in Devil’s Third.
Please play again with Pro-Controller. Then playability will be more comfortable than Tab-Controller.
I made this game for such playing style.

Additionally, I recommend you to add USB keyboard for chatting in Online Multi play.

Sorry for being late to announce this information.
Thanks for your understanding

He then went on to address gamers concerned about the game.

[to gamers]

Can I ask someone here?
Please make a list of preview articles here. Today is Saturday in Japan, my radar staff is taking vacation.
I wanna read every articles, and will do every thing I can do for gamers

Devil’s Third has been confirmed to release in North America, although no release date has been given. The game will be releasing in Japan in early August, followed by a late August European release.

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