Blast from the past: Soko Banana is a brand new IP for the Nintendo Entertainment System


Every now and again, gamers from the older generation wax nostalgic on video games of the past. Sure, newer consoles are capable of impressive graphics and expansive gameplay, but they will never replace our childhood favorites. For players that want to relive Nintendo’s foray into the 8-bit era, there’s Soko Banana. Soko Banana is a fresh IP…for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

An NES IP in 2019?!

Take a look at Soko Banana‘s debut trailer here and gameplay footage below:

Jeez, this IP cannot be any more retro if it tried.

As you can gather from the information above, Soko Banana is a Kickstarter project. The title has made $3,397 of its $5,194 goal already, with 20 days to go. It’s safe to assume this puzzle game is going to be made.

Here is a list of features for Soko Banana:

  • A new game for the NES that can be played on the actual hardware!
  • Challenging and amusing gameplay!
  • Four islands to explore with their own distinctive looks and sounds!
  • 12 levels for each island, with bonus levels included!
  • One extra bonus island! A monkey’s work is never done!

The Kickstarter has various editions of Soko Banana to pledge money towards, but here’s a glimpse of what the Physical Standard Edition can net you:


I cannot wait to blow into this sucker before popping it into my brownish NES console. Now I just need to find the various wires so I can plug it into my lag-filled 4K television.

Any die-hard Enthusiasts have a working NES on which to play Soko Banana? Interested in pledging money towards the game? Do so here, and let us know your thoughts on this retro puzzler below.

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