Invisible GameCube is a custom-made clear GameCube, and it’s slick

YouTube Bithead1000 invisible GameCube clear GameCube from metal Nintendo 64 fire guy

Since the dawn of time, man has wondered: Can you make an invisible GameCube? Okay, that’s not true at all, but I had to start this article somehow. Anyway, YouTuber Bithead1000 has created a custom clear GameCube, and he showcases how he did it in a 17-minute video. He starts by dissecting a regular GameCube of course. Then he gets into the long process of measuring and cutting a new shell into existence, demonstrating a wide variety of skills and technical knowledge that is completely beyond me.

The end of the video displays the dramatic payoff, showcasing “invisible GameCube” in the dark with some dramatic lighting and music. The console’s a novelty, but it’s also a novelty a lot of fans would probably be willing to pay for. And it evokes the old clear Game Boys of the ’90s, which is a nice touch.

If Bithead1000 sounds a bit familiar to you — it’s probably because we’ve covered him before. This is the same YouTuber who built a literal metal Nintendo 64 that shoots geysers of fire. Between the two, I would say that a clear GameCube would be a lot less horrifying to own. It may not be as likely to save your life from intruders though.

What do you think of Bithead’s invisible GameCube?


John Friscia
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