Invincible: Homemade 3D-printed Power Star cartridge case is otherworldly

3D-printed Power Star cartridge case

If you use the Switch for its portability, then you know all about carrying cases. The market is full of variations on these containers that hold physical cartridges. However, fans have also taken it upon themselves to create holders the big marketing groups won’t. That’s where the Instagram user, @thingamabobprints, comes in. They have crafted a 3D-printed Power Star cartridge case that looks like the real thing.

I would love this cartridge case, and I already own three for Switch

Take a look at Thingamabob’s work in the video here. Not only does the Power Star look authentic, but it comes with a stand and carries a total of 10 games.

If you are interested in the man-hours behind such an undertaking, you can check out a making-of video below:

It looks like a lot of work to replicate. Between utilizing the resin, the sanding and washing, and painting, there are many moving parts here. Thingamabob should be proud of creating a case of such beauty and integrity!

Enthusiasts, would you purchase this particular homemade 3D-printed Power Star cartridge case? You can over at Etsy for $30 by itself or $32 with custom text added. Let us know your buying plans below!

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