Introducing Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition

Mario Red & Blue Edition

A new and improved version of Super Mario 3D World is on the way to Switch! Following the grand reveal of the new Bowser’s Fury mode, Nintendo also announced a special Mario-themed version of the base Switch console. The Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition is exactly as advertised, sporting the famous plumber’s colors. This collector’s item will launch alongside 3D World on Switch, so newcomers can play in style!

Meet the Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition

Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition is the first (non-Lite) Switch to feature an entirely unique color scheme. The Switch itself, the dock, and the Joy-Cons all wear a bold red. Meanwhile, the Joy-Con straps and grip are sporting a solid blue. This bundle also includes a carrying case that mixes both colors for the full Mario effect. Finally, it comes with a screen protector, which Nintendo recommends you use when “traveling through Warp Pipes or anywhere else life’s adventures may lead.”

You can get your hands on the Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition on February 12. Nintendo is selling this bundle for the standard $299.99, but hey… you get a free carrying case. The limited-edition console does not include a free copy of the game, so you’ll have to pick that up separately. This bundle is not exactly a huge money-saver, but these things will definitely sell out fast. Could this trigger a trend of themed, colored Switch consoles from Nintendo? Only time will tell.

Ben Lamoreux
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