Introducing the New 3DS and New 3DS XL

You heard that right. They\’re really called the \”New 3DS\” and \”New 3DS XL.\” But who cares, we have new 3DS models heading our way!

Earlier this morning, Nintendo revealed new models for Japanese players – the New 3DS and the New 3DS LL (LL is XL in Japan). The new 3DS models include larger screens, a right-side analog nub, built-in NFC features, improved stereoscope 3D, new Internet/PC features, stronger processing power, and swappable cover plates.

The new analog nub is considered by Nintendo to be similar to the C-Stick on the Gamecube controller. In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, that is the exact function it will serve. The new models also have two additional buttons – shoulder ZR and ZL buttons.

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The systems look absolutely fantastic with slightly larger screens and a ridiculous amount of different cover plates to choose from. For the New 3DS, the ABXY buttons are now different colors, a homage to the Super Famicom controller button colors. The New 3DS XL has black buttons with the letters written out in different colors, instead.

The New 3DS will be shipping out in Japan in White and Black, while the 3DS LL will hit Japanese shelves with Metallic Blue and Metallic Black.  Both versions will come with their own charging docks, too, and will release October 11th in Japan for ~$100 (16,000 Yen for New 3DS and 18,000 Yen for New 3DS LL).

The announcement followed with the reveal of Xenoblade 3DS, a re-release of Xenoblade Chronicles for the new 3DS models. In fact, the new game cannot be played on older 3DS models at all. Additionally, a new Monster Hunter 4 bundle was revealed with a system and game cartridge, as well.

According to reports, the new models will also have an Internet filter built-in that cannot be removed until a $0.30 charge is paid. This is apparently to prevent children from accessing certain sites via web browser.

So far, the models only have a 2014 release in Japan. Europe will not see the new systems until 2015 at the earliest and this likely is the same for everyone else.

Dakota Lasky