Interview: PHOGS! will send you on an adventure as 2 doggos in 1 body

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It’s no secret that we’re excited for puzzle adventure PHOGS! here at Nintendo Enthusiast. Since we first saw it at PAX East earlier this year, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the adventures of Red and Blue, two dogs sharing one body. We talked with the developers at Bit Loom Games about how their adorable game (playable in single-player or co-op) came to be and what they’ve got planned for the future.

Henry Pullan, James Wood, and Douglas Finders were students attending university when they formed Bit Loom Games, and PHOGS! was the winning entry in the prestigious Dare Academy competition at Abertay University in 2017. After that, they shopped the game around and met the folks from Coatsink at EGX. From there, more people joined the team and the game’s development and production proceeded at full steam. Now we’re so close to meeting Red and Blue that you can practically smell the doggy breath.

Nintendo Enthusiast: What’s the meaning behind your studio name?

Bit Loom Games: The idea behind it was to invoke digital bits woven together. Our logo also has this idea and we have a full working loom in the office.

NE: How similar is the final game to the original concept?

Bit Loom Games: There are still parts of the original demo in the original game, but it’s gone through some changes. The intent was to make Dog Sports — something cooperative but also competitive. Other games have already explored that space, though, so we wanted to explore the puzzle adventure genre. Still, there were a lot of character and world-building bits that happened thanks to the collaboration.

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NE: Now that the game’s gone gold, what are you doing with your time?

Bit Loom Games: We’re still focused on PHOGS! and want to make sure it’s as good as it can be. We are cutting down on development and putting energy into small ideas, working on a few smaller projects. Mainly, we want to see how people play PHOGS! before working on something new. Hopefully we’ll have energy in the New Year to try out some fresh ideas.

NE: Could there be more adventures for Red and Blue in the future?

Bit Loom Games: It depends on how well the game is received. If lots of people really like it we may explore it. Otherwise, we’d need to get struck with the inspiration to do something with it. We don’t want to push the concept beyond what it’s capable of.

Pupper puppet photo by Phil Cho

NE: I often compare PHOGS! to Untitled Goose Game. Is that a similarity you’re cool with?

Bit Loom Games: Honestly, we do get that a lot. We like the comparison to the pub moment in Untitled Goose Game, only it’s the whole game. We didn’t want for there to be a deep meaning behind everything, just nice little moments of people asking for problems to be solved.

NE: Since we’re a Nintendo site, I’m obligated to ask: Red and Blue for Smash?

Bit Loom Games: [I think they’re laughing at me.]


We’d like to thank Bit Loom Games for their time and wish them the best with PHOGS! and future projects. PHOGS! releases on Dec. 3 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia.

Dominick Ashtear