Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai coming to unspecified consoles

Square Enix Game Studio Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Tamashii no Kizuna Bond of Souls Xross Blade anime Toei Animation

Per a lengthy V-Jump livestream, Square Enix has revealed a small explosion of new projects spinning out of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. This comes after a tease from last December, which stated a new game and a new anime were in development. However, it turns out that it’s actually three games and an anime. The games include action RPG Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai for unspecified consoles, mobile RPG Tamashii no Kizuna (Bond of Souls) for Android and iOS, and arcade machine card battler Xross Blade. None of these projects have international release plans as of yet.

Infinity Strash (No, I have no idea what a “strash” is.) will have players playing as established characters from the series, using familiar magic and abilities to take down monsters. It is being developed by Game Studio (Yes, that is the studio name.) and will launch in Japan in 2021. The footage below is apparently from a very early phase of development, but it still looks fairly appetizing.

Tamashii no Kizuna / Bond of Souls, the mobile title, will offer three-lane combat with simple controls and “great dash” action, whatever that means. It won’t bring the depth of Infinity Strash, but it’s being described as “simple but deep.” It comes from developer DeNA and will launch in Japan in 2021.

Lastly, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Xross Blade will be playable in Japanese arcades this fall. With its physical cards that you can use to interact with the game, it sounds like a lot Japan’s Dragon Ball Heroes machines. The project is being developed by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. There is virtually no chance of seeing this machine come west.

And of course, there’s the new Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime itself from Toei Animation, premiering in Japan in October. Here’s that teaser.

Infinity Strash seems the most likely project to receive an official localization by Square Enix, but the anime and Tamashii no Kizuna stand a decent chance as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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