Indivisible gets Razmi’s Challenges DLC this month

Indivisible Razmi's Challenges

While it may have come at an unexpected time for everyone involved, the 505 Games published and Lab Zero Games developed RPG platformer Indivisible recently got a surprise launch on Nintendo Switch following its initial launch on PlayStation 4 and PC last year. While fans with a Nintendo Switch can get their hands on the game and start playing now, a bevy of updates is set to come to the game in the next few months that will be adding a variety of new content. One of these updates is the newly announced release of the Razmi’s Challenges DLC, which is set to add dozens of new challenges and trials to the gorgeous action RPG.

Currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the Razmi’s Challenges DLC adds 40 new nail-biting challenges to Indivisible. Some of these are difficult platforming trials that will test your reflexes like never before, while other challenges are extremely difficult combat situations that will force you to calibrate the perfect party and combos in order to come out victorious. On top of thrilling new challenges, the DLC includes plenty of charming new side-story content on top of two brand new color palettes for your characters.

Razmi’s Challenges will be available for Indivisible on Nintendo Switch next month for $7.99.


Miguel Moran
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