Indivisible development is ending, will not deliver guest characters

Indivisible development ending 505 Games Skull Lab Games Indivisible guest characters canceled backer characters Ajna / Heruka Statue

Indivisible publisher 505 Games has issued a statement about the Lab Zero Games title, revealing that development of the game is unceremoniously set to end. There will still be one more update for the Nintendo Switch version around Oct. 13 to add New Game+, couch co-op, and Ramzi’s Challenges, creating platform parity. But otherwise, the game will receive no further updates, and previously promised guest characters like Shovel Knight and Indiegogo campaign backer characters will not be delivered. Indiegogo backers of the appropriate tier will still receive their Ajna/Heruka Statue from 505 Games though.

The reason why Indivisible development is ending is of course that most Lab Zero Games staff left the company over the conduct of owner Mike Zaimont. Those staff subsequently reunited under a new company, Future Club, which will be making exactly the same kind of games that Lab Zero was.

In happier times, Lab Zero Games and 505 Games were set to add a variety of guest characters to Indivisible, including Shantae, Shovel Knight, and characters from franchises like Skullgirls (also a Lab Zero game), Hyper Light Drifter, and even Battle Chasers: Nightwar. However, since the problems at Lab Zero, 505 Games says one IP owner for a guest character already pulled out, and the publisher anticipated other IP owners would take the same action.

What has become of Indivisible is unfortunate, but it was probably inevitable at this point. Plans for a North American physical release of the game have been canceled. [Update 10/10: 505 Games now says it is “expecting a small batch of North American physical Nintendo Switch cartridges at select retailers in November,” with details to be confirmed.]


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