Indivisible 1.01 update adds 1080p, removes Japanese translation

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Indivisible surprised plenty of people, including the developers and publishers of the game, when it launched out of nowhere on Nintendo Switch late last month. Despite a rocky and unexpected launch, Lab Zero Games and 505 Games are still hard at work providing new content, updates, and patches for the sidescrolling action RPG. We already know about a new piece of paid DLC arriving next month that is set to add new challenges and unlockables to the game. To hold fans over until then, though, a new free update has dropped for the game that adds plenty of changes and fixes, including some surprising localization changes.

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Version 1.01 of Indivisible on Nintendo Switch adds 1080p support for the game when playing in docked mode, which previously capped out at the handheld maximum of 720p. There’s also a new option to toggle a 30 FPS lock for the game, as well as various GPU and CPU optimizations that are set to improve the overall performance of the game.

One of the most interesting changes in version 1.01 of Indivisible on Nintendo Switch, though, is the fact that it removes Japanese language support for the game. According to the patch notes, the Japanese language option was temporarily removed because it’s a placeholder translation that wasn’t meant to be included at launch. When the proper, finalized translation is complete, it will be added back into the game.


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