Individual Switch Joy-Con receiving permanent price cut in Japan

Japan price cut individual Switch Joy-Con (L) (R) individual Joy-Con Nintendo Switch

In Nintendo land, hardware price cuts of any kind are a rare sight. However, in Japan, Nintendo will be permanently reducing the price of individual Nintendo Switch Joy-Con starting Nov. 6. Prices of individual Switch Joy-Con, whether “(L)” (left) or “(R)” (right), will be reduced from 4,480 yen to 3,740 yen (USD $42.58 to $35.49 by current exchange rates), per the Nintendo website in Japan.

No pricing changes have been announced internationally at this time. At present, if you want an individual Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (L) or (R) in the United States, you’re probably just buying it used from the likes of GameStop, which sells them for $34.99. Otherwise, pricing for a typical bundle of Joy-Con, meaning (L) and (R) together, remains unchanged in both Japan and abroad at this time. A set of Joy-Con costs $79.99 in the United States.

At this point, there is a wide variety of official Joy-Con available globally with different colors and special patterns or themes. Most recently, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch offered some attractive and soothing pastel green and blue Joy-Con. Even Fortnite is getting a special bundle with a unique controller.

With individual Switch Joy-Con, you can make a mind-boggling number of combinations at this point. What are you rocking right now?


John Friscia
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