Indie-Watch: Monochroma Joins Wii U’s Bright Future

Just a mere twenty-four hours since we contacted Nowhere Studios to find out if they would consider bringing the stunning Monochroma to the Wii U, they go and confirm it will happen if they hit their funding goal. Nowhere Studios us currently seeking funding for Monochroma on Kickstarter, and is looking for a further $50,000 in 24 days.

When speaking with the developer, they revealed to Nintendo Enthusiast that the Wii U version was made possible, because it’s a \”better target\” than Xbox One…

We changed our plans from Xbox One, to Wii U. We always had plans to go for Play Station but currently Wii U seems like a better target than Xbox. Nowhere Studios Spokesperson

No specifics for this change were given, but it could have something to do with Microsoft only recently discussing their plans for indie development on Xbox One, and Nintendo garnering much praise and support for their efforts over recent months.

Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle game, which appears to be a mix between Limbo and Ico. The developers say they are not going go over the top with cinematics and voice-overs, but will let the \”realistic locations, puzzles modelled with accurate physics—and a layered, grim atmosphere\”  immerse you for hours.

You can find out more about Monochroma at the game’s official Kickstarter page here.