Indie Sci-Fi Game Vegas Prime Retrograde Announced For Wii U

Two person indie studio Open Form Games have announced their new sci-fi game is heading to the Wii U. Originally starting as an indie comic, the game features classic 90s cyberpunk stylistic presentation with “street-level and subterranean hacking missions”. Said Open Form:

“We grew up with 80s and 90s cyberpunk and sci-fi and wanted to tell a cyberpunk story, updated and modernized. We really wanted to explore the idea that even in a utopian society the human struggle is very real.”

Play as COMS operative Clara as you hack your way through the futuristic streets of Vegas Prime. Intercept an unusual message from beyond the futuristic grave, piece together a mysterious data bundle, and infiltrate a corporate facility to seek help decoding the data by an imprisoned AI.

Open Form says the game is very, very close to release. You can check out a trailer for the game below.


Jonathan Harrington