Astrogun Now Licensed Nintendo Developer, Cider Coming to Wii U


Xander Davis, founder of Astrogun, announced via his Twitter page today that his studio is now an official Nintendo developer and that  the game they have been working on, which is codenamed \’Cider\’, will be coming to Wii U.  Cider is described as being a top–down mythic Sci-Fi action Adventure game.

Currently the game is in Dev build status and as Davis said, \”It’s like a more open,relaxed Kickstarter with no time limit.\”  Astrogun is accepting donations to help continue to build and add more to the game.  Any donation gives the buyer access to the dev build of the game plus any content added during the process.  An added bonus is being able to discuss with Davis your thoughts on the pros and cons of the game and maybe even the chance to see if your suggestions take final form when the final build is released.

The game has been described as \”Zelda on crack\” but you can come to your own conclusion after watching some game footage below.  Also, you can keep up with Davis and where things are what with Cider at his developer blog at

So, what do you think of Cider now that you have seen some footage? Is it worth a purchase for the dev build to see what what’s in store and maybe help shape it into its final masterpiece? Leave your thoughts here.

Also, as Smokey the Bear always said, \”Remember, you too can help put out handheld and console fires!\”


Tom Stovall