3 New Wii U Indies & Protect Me Knight for 3DS – Indie Corner Daily Dose

 We have two new Wii U game announcements for you in today’s installment of Indie Corner Daily Dose. First up is a brand new game announcement coming from indie developer PawByte called Agriduel. The game was originally crowd-funded back in 2012, but the developer didn\’t get the chance to become an approved developer at the time.  The game, an action-RPG, has already been submitted to Nintendo for final approval so we should see it launch in the eShop in the not so distant future. Next up we have The Hole Story, which is currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter. The developers have revealed their intention to bring the game to the Wii U eShop as it’s such an \”awesome console\”. Finally, we have an update about the new Kickstarter campaign for The Adventures of Pip which is set to relaunch very soon. A Wii U version of the game will be included as a base console and not a stretch goal this time.


The Adventures of Pip

@curbles @kickstarter Right now it looks like it will be in the base goals for #adventuresofpip and that should not change 🙂

— Tic Toc Games (@TicTocGames) August 4, 2014





More good reasons to come to the @IndieMEGABOOTH @gamescomcologne next week! World-premiere of #Beatbuddy for Wii U! pic.twitter.com/3W2iIoFF0l — Beatbuddy (@BeatbuddyGame) August 5, 2014

The Hole Story

Dear Awesome Backers,

I can\’t believe we only have a week left on the project, so now’s the time to get PUMPED UP and share the project with your friends, colleagues, family, the neighbors.. EVERYONE! Here’s what we\’re planning – we\’ll post an update with something new and exciting every day until this campaign ends. Starting with an announcement … The Hole Story is coming to Linux! We received so many requests for a Linux version we couldn\’t resist it any longer. But what I\’m personally most excited about is getting The Hole Story on to consoles, especially OUYA, who have been huge supporters from day 1, and the Wii U, just an all around awesome console 😀 If you have any Youtuber/Twitch Streamer friends, or want to pass on general advice on getting this KS farther than we could imagine, please drop us a line!  Your support not only helps The Negatives develop a fully expanded game, it also helps Girls Make Games offer scholarships to girls who otherwise could not afford to attend our camps and workshops. 


Protect Me Knight

A sequel to the Xbox Indie Game is in development for the 3DS, designed by Ancient with music fromYuzo Koshiro. The sequel will feature roughly ten times the content seen in the original game, new characters and four layer local co-op. The game is due out in Japan this September for 800 yen, no word on an international release.


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