Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure joins Pinball FX3 on Switch in 2022

premium DLC Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure joins Pinball FX3 on Switch in March 2022

Okay, guys, the huge Indiana Jones video game news you’ve been waiting for is finally here! No, I’m not talking about the MachineGames Indiana Jones game for Lucasfilm Games; who cares about that? I’m talking about that Zen Studios has announced a digital remaster of Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is coming to Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in March 2022, as well as on Pinball FX when that comes to consoles and PC next summer.

The table will launch as premium DLC, and as Zen Studios explains, “This first-ever digital release of the 1993 Williams™ ‘SuperPin’ legend captures the authentic look, design and feel of the original machine with additional features and enhancements.” Here are some features of Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure on Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch:

  • “Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure” combines a fan-favorite Williams machine with everyone’s favorite adventurer – enjoy the original music, sounds, rules and look of the machine brought to the digital space for the first time.
  • Experience the table just as you remember it, with true-to-life Pro Physics simulation, carefully developed by the pinball experts at Zen, using super slow-motion footage to capture flipper, rubber and ball movements to better understand and recreate pinball mechanics.
  • Discover the table in a new way with 3D effects in the ‘Enhanced’ version, including side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and a whip-wielding Indiana Jones.
  • Play at home, with friends, or compete online with single-player, local multiplayer, challenge, and tournament modes.

Check out the Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure trailer and imagine the terrific pinball journey you’ll go on next year within Pinball FX3 on Switch.

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