Indiana Jones game in development at Wolfenstein dev MachineGames

Indiana Jones game Bethesda MachineGames Lucasfilm Games Todd Howard

Yesterday, Disney announced the creation of Lucasfilm Games, which is essentially a revival of the LucasArts branding. (In fact, LucasArts originally went by that other name.) All Star Wars projects and other Lucasfilm projects moving forward will fall under this new banner. And oh man did that banner expand fast, because Bethesda has announced that Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is developing a new Indiana Jones game for Lucasfilm Games, with Todd Howard as executive producer.

Details for the Indiana Jones game are practically nonexistent at the moment beyond what was shown in a teaser trailer and that the game will include an original story. Assuming it will be an action adventure is likely a safe bet, though the franchise has seen some magnificent point-and-click adventure in its time. MachineGames seems like a fitting developer for whatever it turns out to be though, as both Wolfenstein and Indiana Jones involve a lot of thwarting and destroying the Nazis.

I would wager the odds of this Indiana Jones game coming to Nintendo Switch — at least the current model — are pretty low, regardless of the fact that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda. However, platforms are not yet revealed, so there’s no harm in holding out a shred of hope.


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