Imran Khan: Nintendo wanted Sora in Smash Bros. and Disney vetoed it

Imran Khan Kingdom Hearts Sora Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Disney Japan says no

On the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, journalist and host Imran Khan casually dropped a bomb. He says Nintendo did indeed target Sora from Kingdom Hearts for Super Smash Bros. — presumably Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — at some point. Nintendo “absolutely approached Disney about it once,” said Khan, but “Disney Japan specifically” got in the way of making this collaboration a reality.

The video is queued up to 28:00 below where the relevant details unfold.

Disney does obviously have a large presence in Japan, considering the likes of Tokyo Disney Resort. But as DualShockers notes, they don’t have any corporate offices there. Thus, it would be strange if Disney Japan specifically were the entity that had veto power in rejecting Sora for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Still, Khan is a trusted journalist with many years of experience under his belt with the likes of Game Informer, so his intentions can be trusted.

In any case, even if this story is true, it does not preclude the possibility that Disney could change its mind in the future. Nintendo and fans alike would be happy to hear it. For that matter, even Square Enix would probably be pleased, having already given Cloud and the Hero to Smash.

At present, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gearing up for Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which will introduce six brand new DLC characters that have already been chosen by Nintendo. Who will show up in that group is anyone’s guess, but if we believe Imran Khan, Sora won’t be among them.


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