Impressive: SGDQ 2021 final tally is over 2.9 million dollars for charity

SGDQ 2021 final tally

That fun time of year has come and gone. Yes, Summer Games Done Quick 2021 just concluded its weeklong event. And while it is sad to see it finish, the money raised for Doctors Without Borders is something else. The final tally for SGDQ 2021 is over 2.9 million dollars. Not only is this total impressive in and of itself, but it is a new record for GDQ’s online events.

SGDQ 2021 was great and all, but I’m starting to miss the live audience immensely

The news of the astronomical sum raised for charity was confirmed on Games Done Quick’s official website. In addition, plans for an in-person event for Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 were announced. It will be held from January 9-16, 2022. Hopefully, the world will come back to some semblance of normalcy by then.

If you missed out on any of the speed runs, you can check them out on YouTube. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Check out the Ninja Gaiden one specifically. It’s a pacifist run!

Enthusiasts, are you impressed with the SGDQ 2021 final tally? Did you catch any runs that tickled your fancy? If so, which ones? Be sure to share with us by leaving a comment down below!


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