Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC season looks to be kicking off this month

Ubisoft Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC expansions A New God, Myths of the Eastern Realm, The Lost Gods Nintendo Switch release date

As ever with Ubisoft, the company has been up front about its extensive DLC plan for Immortals Fenyx Rising. We knew DLC was coming, plenty of it, but not the release dates for each content drop. However, the Nintendo Switch eShop in Australia may have potentially spilled the beans, with all three of the Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC expansions now showing a release date there.

The first planned DLC, A New God, is scheduled to release Jan. 21 according to the eShop. This pack will see Fenyx undergo the Trial of the Olympians at “Olympos.” All three packs are the same price and the amount of content should reflect that, so A New God isn’t a bonus DLC type of thing.

Another DLC expansion for Immortals Fenyx Rising, The Lost Gods, will allegedly drop on Feb. 25, while the most interesting-sounding pack of the lot, Myths of the Eastern Realm, allegedly arrives April 1. This all sounds plausible, but there’s one thing that does seems off.

We recently went over the full contents of the season pass when Ubisoft announced it back in November. In that video, Myths of the Eastern Realm was said to be DLC 2, whereas this new release schedule would put it as DLC 3. Maybe the latter two dates have been swapped erroneously, or maybe Myths became complex enough that it warranted more time in the oven, since it seemingly has a whole new setting and draws inspiration from Eastern mythology.

It’s a mystery, but we do hope the official release dates for the DLC season arrive this month for Immortals Fenyx Rising.


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