Immortals Fenyx Rising demo out on eShop, along with A New God DLC

Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God demo Nintendo Switch eShop

A little over a week ago, we spotted news of a potential Immortals Fenyx Rising demo coming to all platforms. At launch there was a similar experience on Stadia as a free trial, but no option was present on Switch. Now, an Immortals Fenyx Rising demo has indeed dropped on all other platforms, and it’s live on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Additionally, the A New God DLC expansion, the first of three expansions detailed in the season pass, has launched.

We haven’t tried out the demo ourselves, but it’s likely similar in content to what was present in the Stadia trial. If that’s the case, expect around an hour of gameplay, showcasing the game’s world and characters, while introducing the player to Fenyx’s toolset.

If you have already played and maybe even beaten Immortals Fenyx Rising, then you’re completely ready to go with A New God, and it seems to feature the same sense of humor as the base game. You’ll likewise be completing more trials, puzzles, and grand adventures.

The remaining two DLC packs, Myths of the Eastern Realm and The Lost Gods, should launch at some point in 2021. We’re looking forward to checking both of those out too, especially Myths of the Eastern Realm, which sounds fantastic.

The Immortals Fenyx Rising demo is now live on Switch.

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