Imminent: Aztech: Forgotten Gods receives release date trailer

Aztech: Forgotten Gods release date

The last we heard of Aztech: Forgotten Gods, it had been delayed. An alternate history title featuring a futuristic Mesoamerican setting, Aztech looked like a badass game, and it was a shame it didn’t launch last fall. Thankfully, Aztech: Forgotten Gods now has a release date, in addition to a new trailer. The adventure will release on March 10 via the Switch eShop for $29.99.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods begs the question: What if a Mesoamerican fought cyborgs?

Have a look at the release date trailer below:

Aztecs, robots, action, a strong lady protagonist, and a mix of classical/metal music? Where has this game been all of my life? Bonus points for battles against gods that don’t involve Kratos, by the way. Unless he shows up as a hidden boss. It would be fun to beat him up with this ancient/advanced technology.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods can be pre-ordered from its official Switch listing here. You can also find more information on the title via its official website, which includes gameplay and story tidbits, as well as concept art.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy the Aztech: Forgotten Gods release date trailer? Will you be picking up the indie in March? Let us know below.


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