Ikumi Nakamura intends to convince Capcom to make new Okami with Kamiya

Capcom Okami sequel Ikumi Nakamura Hideki Kamiya director PlatinumGames

Ikumi Nakamura was formerly the creative director and art director at Tango Gameworks, best known for winning E3 2019 all by herself. She and PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya appeared together in a tweet last year, where the two declared that they were together bringing back Capcom’s Okami franchise. However, several months later, Kamiya admitted he’d gotten carried away by making such a statement. But it turns out the story doesn’t end there. Speaking to IGN Japan, Nakamura has restated her commitment to reviving the franchise with the influential PlatinumGames designer.

Via a translator, Nakamura expressing the following:

Regarding Okami, that’s actually the project she wants to make a reality the most. As long as she goes after it, she has a feeling the chances are pretty high that it might become a reality. After quarantine is over and the world becomes normal again, she is planning to make a visit to Capcom and propose the idea, but for her the most important thing is that if it would happen, she wants Kamiya-san to direct it again.

To be clear, it’s not always easy for important designers who already work in a given company to get a passion project off the ground. There’s really very little to suggest Ikumi Nakamura could have a meeting (or even meetings) with Capcom that magically brings Okami back and puts Hideki Kamiya in control.

That being said, stranger things have happened — but not much stranger.


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