Former IGN editor finally admits to plagiarism, issues apology

Former IGN editor finally admits to plagiarism, issues apology

Better late than never? After several months since losing his job at IGN due to plagiarism, former games editor Filip Miucin has issued an apology. Unlike his prior attempts, this one addresses the specific issues at hand. It also gives apologies to the people whom he wronged.

The video below names Boomstick Gaming, the YouTube channel of which he lifted the Dead Cells review that started this scandal. He also names Nintendo Life, Nintendo Wire, Engadget, and Polygon as well as sources the articles he plagiarized. Finally, he names former employer IGN who took a hit in credibility in the wake of the scandal.

By the end of the video, Filip states, “I will be better. I will be original.”

Since losing his job at IGN, Filip Miucin has gone back to his YouTube channel. His uploads have consisted of Nintendo Switch content for the most part. There was also the since-deleted original apology video that got highly criticized for its insincerity. All YouTube videos he posted has had an overwhelming amount of dislikes since the scandal… except this one.

Filip The Script

There is no excuse for what Filip Miucin has done in the past. Plagiarism is probably the number one worst thing you can do as a writer in this or any other industry. And to follow it up with not only a non-apology, but also a challenge to Kotaku editor Jason Schreier to find more evidence of his actions was truly a low point.

With that said, there needs to be a road for redemption. We live in an age where people get accused, convicted, and vilified within an hour. Most of the time, it’s for the right reasons. However, if we can’t open the door for these same folks who committed wrongs to correct their behavior, then what does that say about our society?

So while I do condemn Filip Miucin for past actions, I can respect the fact he wishes to soldier on. Given enough time and quality content, perhaps this could end up being a redemption story. He will always have his detractors who never plan to accept his apology, and that’s completely in their right. But let the man at least show us that he can indeed “be better” and “be original.”

David Giltinan
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