Idiots spent over $162,000 in total on Konami’s Castlevania NFTs

Konami Castlevania NFTs auction finished sold generated $162,000 total

Earlier this month, Konami announced it would auction Castlevania NFTs to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the franchise, which is the worst way to celebrate the anniversary of almost anything. Fourteen NFTs were offered up in total, ranging from static images to edited video clips of the video games or promotional art. The Konami auction hosted by OpenSea has since ended, and via VGC, the Castlevania NFTs generated more than $162,000 in total.

For context, one of the NFTs is a map hobbled together from pixel assets for the original Castlevania that looks like it was created by someone who had learned Photoshop a week ago — and it sold for the highest amount, more than $26K. The quality of the NFTs doesn’t get a whole lot better from there, but those who bought the NFTs from Konami will have their nickname listed as the first purchaser of the item at the Konami website through at least the end of the year. (Big whoop.)

Some of the NFTs have apparently already been put back on auction by sellers for astronomically higher asking prices, like an NFT of the (admittedly legendary) song “Bloody Tears” asking for over $260,000. That seems to be the cycle of life for many NFTs — buy them for an outrageous price and then look for an even bigger idiot who is willing to spend even more to try to do the same thing to someone else. And since Konami has made┬ámore than $162,000 on just this first wave of Castlevania NFTs, it has every incentive to keep pumping them out, regardless of the environmental damage it will incur. Welcome to the future.


John Friscia
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