iam8bit shares Ori: The Collection announcement, puts two games in one

Ori: The Collection announcement

By now, I hope you have experienced the magic of the Ori titles. If you didn’t get it digitally, you have the option of purchasing the physical editions. And if you have been saving your money waiting for a bundle of some kind, you are in luck. iam8bit, together with Moon Studios and Xbox Game Studios, has shared an announcement regarding Ori: The Collection. True to its name, the pack brings together Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps into one game cartridge.

Ori: The Collection is perfect for anyone who has not yet played the adventures

No announcement would be complete without a stylish trailer, so check it out below:

Check out those Metacritic scores above 90, aw yeah!

In addition to having the two titles in one cart, Ori: The Collection will contain two digital soundtracks and a total of 6 collectible art cards. You can pre-order the package later today for $49.99 over at iam8bit’s site. It will launch on October 12.

Also, the Ori Collector’s Edition is being re-released. This comes with both games, a field guide, a stained glass art piece, and much more. It’ll set you back $149.99.

Enthusiasts, are you happy with the Ori: The Collection announcement? Let us know if you are planning on buying the bundle down below.

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