Hyrule Warriors Exceeds Sales Expectations in NA/EU

It’s no secret that Hyrule Warriors was going to be one of the key factors in whether or not Nintendo would continue to work closely with third-party companies by allowing their IP’s to be featured in games. Well, according to the Koei Tecmo earnings Q and A session, Hyrule Warriors is passing tests with flying colors.

It’s noted that in Japan the sales were about expected, but that in North America and Europe sales exceeded expectations. Overseas sales outside of Japan are so strong that Koei Tecmo is expecting even more sales by releasing a second shipment of the game later in the fiscal year. Hyrule Warriors was 11th on the NPD list for September, and it seems like it has continued with strong sales, which is a very positive thing for both Nintendo and Koei Tecmo.

Shawn Long
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