Huge & super expensive Mario and Yoshi statue unboxed by First 4 Figures

Huge & super expensive Mario and Yoshi statue unboxed by First 4 Figures

Last year, manufacturer First 4 Figures unveiled a set of huge Mario and Yoshi statues. The three variants range from $500 to $675, as each statue comes with slightly different extras. The basic one, at a mere $500, contains just Mario and Yoshi. The middle variant includes a Yoshi egg for an extra $25, whilst the top-tier option comes with a whole different base, flowers, and a couple of checkpoint flags. As the release of these figure sets grows nearer, an unboxing video has been released.

The video does a good job at showing the sheer scale of these Mario and Yoshi statues. Personally, I’d take the Yoshi egg variant as that extra seems worth $25. For now though, all three variants are out of stock. You could add yourself to the wait list in case buyers bail or more stock comes in though. Whilst the statues are impressive, they still look rather plasticky for a low-end price of $500.

If The Legend of Zelda is more your jam, First 4 Figures has you covered. Earlier this year, the company shared a quick glimpse of an upcoming Majora’s Mask statue. Nothing more than a 4-second clip has been shown on it so far, but it does look incredibly detailed.

Are you willing to pay this kind of money for a Mario and Yoshi statue?


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