How to Shinespark almost every boss in Metroid Dread

metroid dread shinespark bosses

One of the greatest joys of any Metroid game is figuring out all the advanced tech that’s possible with your equipment. In past games, players discovered all kinds of ways to get “quick kills” on bosses, and MercurySteam has catered to this mindset. With a little skill and practice, it’s possible to use your Shinespark ability to deal devastating amounts of damage to almost all of Metroid Dread‘s bosses. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done and provide a few tips so you can try it for yourself!

Shinesparking Metroid Dread bosses

Before you start Shinesparking Metroid Dread bosses, make sure you have a firm grasp on how the ability works. If you click on the left joystick while running, Samus will start charging a Speedbooster. After several more steps, the Speedbooster will activate, and Samus will sprint at blinding speeds, damaging any enemies she touches. Tap down on the joystick while Speedboosting and Samus will store all that speed energy inside of her, causing her to glow purple. You can hold that charge for a few seconds before it dissipates. Before that happens, hit the jump button, and Samus will Shinespark in whichever direction you press.

Central Unit

Once you’ve got Speedbooster, Central Units can be taken out much faster. A single spark will completely destroy the metal casing, speeding up the first round of the fight significantly. The EMMI rooms vary in their layout, but the basic idea is the same. If you see an entrance to a Central Unit room, start charging the Speedbooster, and you’re good to go. If you have Screw Attack, you can one-hit KO the soft brain underneath the armor.

Chozo Robot (Ferenia)

Following the big plot reveal by Quiet Robe in Ferenia, Samus is ambushed by a murderous Chozo robot. Fortunately, there’s enough room on the floor to charge a Speedboost. You’ll need to lure the bot away from the ground so that you can run all the way across the room uninterrupted. Once you manage this, it’s as simple as hitting the robot with two Shinesparks. As you can see by my sloppy play in the footage, the game’s quite generous here. Even if the robot is charging you, you can spark right into it.

Chozo Robot (Ghavoran)

When we first reach Ghavoran, there’s another Chozo bot waiting for us. Charge up a Speedboost in the previous room, then store it as the bot spawns in. Unleash the Shinespark to deal massage damage to this mini-boss. It’s not enough to kill it in one go. But you can pretty easily bully it into the corner and finish it off.


This annoying bug was one of Metroid Dread’s tougher bosses on my first playthrough, but Shinespark changes that. After destroying the Gadora guarding the door, Speedboost into the room. It takes a few seconds for Escue to spawn in from the background, so you don’t want to store and release your Shinespark too quickly. I find the best way to time is to Speedboost into the room, kick off the wall, and then press down to store when I land. Jump up and release the Shinespark, and you’ll deal massive damage. If you’ve been sequence breaking, you can finish the rest of the fight in seconds with Screw Attack.


This boss has three stages, and you can Shinespark all of them. If you want to Shinespark the first phase, you’ll need to start Speedboosting from two rooms prior, then store it and slide to enter the room. The timing is tricky, and it’s really only worth style points. You can kill the first stage in seconds by quickly mashing your beam attack, so Shinesparking isn’t much of a time saver.

When the first stage is defeated, it will begin transforming into stage two. Run across the length of the room to get your Speedboost back, then store it. Pay attention to the animations, and you’ll see Golzuna pauses for just a moment before rearing up on its hind legs. As soon as you see that pause, release the spark. Alternatively, you can jump up and over the boss, Shinesparking it from behind. These methods will also work on its third stage, but it’s not a one-hit KO. You’ll need to finish it off with missiles or Charge Beam. When it turns into a Core-X, you can Shinespark that for a one-hit KO too!

Experiment No. Z-57

Experiment No. Z-57 is easily the most satisfying boss to Shinespark in Metroid Dread. Proceed through its early phases like normal until you get to the scene where it starts blasting the fans on the right side of the room. This whips up a strong wind, but we can use it to our advantage. As the waves of energy come flying at you, run to the right (but don’t Speedboost) and begin jumping over the waves.

You can clear them all with either a single or double jump, so don’t resort to spamming Space Jump, which can throw off your timing. Count the waves as you jump over them. After you jump over the fifth wave, start charging your Speedbooster as soon as you hit the ground. There’s a short break in between the fifth and sixth waves, so you should have more than enough time to reach full speed. With Speedbooster activated, jump over the sixth wave, and press down to store the charge as soon as you land. The seventh wave will follow quickly, so be prepared to jump over it.

Once you’ve cleared the seventh wave, you want to jump high enough (double jump if necessary) so that you’re lined up with the boss’s face. A single Shinespark will end the battle right here! However, the input can be tricky. You’ve been tilting the joystick to the right to run against the wind and spin-jump, but you’ll need to stop holding right to Shinespark. I shoot a beam to break Samus out of the spin jump, then tap jump to Shinespark.

Red Chozo Soldier (Artaria)

Metroid Dread has several Chozo Soldier mini-bosses, but cutscenes prevent you from Shinesparking most of them. However, you can skip the first phase of the Chozo Soldier fight in frozen Artaria. Speedboost in from a couple of rooms back, drop down from the ceiling, and immediately Shinespark. It will destroy the shield in one hit. The timing is fairly tight, so you might have to practice getting there quick enough.

And that’s pretty much it for Metroid Dread bosses you can Shinespark… at least until more exploits are found. There’s enough room to charge up a Speedboost in the Raven Beak fight, but he’s immune to Shinespark damage.

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