How Sakurai met a Disney rep to help make Sora in Smash Bros. Ultimate possible

How Masahiro Sakurai met a Disney rep to help Make Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate possible

Masahiro Sakurai talked about a fateful encounter with a Disney representative that explains in part how Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate became possible. The information comes from one of Sakurai’s last columns in Famitsu magazine.

Here are some quotes from Sakurai’s column in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine:

  • “You can say that it was a very high hurdle to get Sora to join.”
  • “There’s no doubt that our team in charge of external negotiations thought that it would be impossible.”
  • “However, one day, a chance was born. The opportunity came after meeting a Disney representative, by chance, at a certain awards show. After talking about the demand for Sora joining, they said that their company felt that it would be good to have Sora join. Imagine that!”
  • “Afterwards, we moved forward with long and deliberate discussions between the three companies of Disney, Square Enix, and Nintendo.”

Sakurai mentioned that he met the Disney representative at a certain awards show that he didn’t name. Could it have been The Game Awards or the Famitsu Awards? We probably won’t ever find out, but perhaps Sakurai will have more to say about how Sora joined Super Smash Bros Ultimate the next time he’s invited to Harada’s Bar. In any case, the November 4 issue of Famitsu will feature the last Sakurai’s Column, so we hope to hear more behind-the-scenes stories by then.

Sora is now available to play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Check our previous report for the 13.0.0 patch notes and fighter adjustments.