How I found out my cat was the strongest of Ganon’s minions

rest in pieces

For those of you that have played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you should know the Master Sword is the only weapon in the game that doesn’t break. After using it for a while, it simply loses its energy. Then, a few minutes of waiting later, the Master Sword powers up again. It is also incredibly useful when fighting Ganon.

But what if I told you there was one creature out there powerful enough to destroy the Master Sword? This ferocious creature laughs at the Blade of Evil’s Bane and is capable of shattering the legendary sword into several pieces. Beware my mighty kitten, Atlas.

Atlus, servant of Ganon

Ganon’s servant, revealed

Rather than attacking the wielder of the Master Sword head-on, Atlas opted for the sneak attack. Yesterday afternoon, the Master Sword was resting on top of a tall cliffside. Atlas decided to climb to the top of this cliffside and discovered the mythical weapon. Then, he crafted a devious plan. He thought he could destroy the Master Sword for good if he were only to give it a slight nudge over the edge. So he did it.

The Master Sword plummeted to the ground, falling several feet until it finally met its doom at the bottom. The blade shattered into several pieces. The plan was a success. Atlas had done what countless other minions could never hope to achieve. He had destroyed the one thing that could defeat his master, Ganon.


The Master Sword rests…

So today, we honor the fallen Master Sword. It fought many a great battle. It has slain Ganon countless times before. But now, we must mourn. Sadly, the blade will never be of use to me again.

To Atlas, I am not upset with you. But I do wish you would leave my things alone. Deep down, I believe you don’t want to serve Ganon. But how can I truly trust you after this betrayal?

To others who may also have their own Master Sword, please watch your cats. You never know which ones will be by your side for life and which ones have an unspoken servitude for the Dark King.

Let us have another moment of silence for the Master Sword. May it rest in pieces.

Adam Sherrill
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