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Real golf is loathed by some as being one of the most boring games ever, yet there are so many video games based on it. Mini golf makes things a tad more creative and whacky – and, just like its bigger brother, there are a lot of games about mini golf too. House of Golf is definitely a member of that latter group, and it’s easily one of the most charming I’ve ever played.

Mini creativity

House of Golf lives up to its name, as all of its five areas take place in different sections of a house: the Garage, Attic, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Lounge. Thus, the courses of each area’s nine holes are made up of common household objects. The scenery designers took their time, as these courses are pretty creative with the way the shots are set up, on top of how the objects are placed. It seriously looks like anyone with some time (and a lot of space) could recreate any of these courses in real life.

The POV is also pretty cool, as the camera is pulled in super close to the ball, making it seem more like you are the ball, rather than a human flicking it around. Thus, normal objects like books, cups, and toys all look huge, and the rooms of the house look like expansive environments. All of this is complemented by a beautiful, semi-stylized aesthetic that looks playful and colorful. Particle and lighting effects are also used very well here in House of Golf. This is yet another Unreal-powered title, after all.

Further complementing the visuals is the soundtrack, which sports some very relaxing melodies. Wrapping its presentation together, playing House of Golf is a rather relaxing experience. And considering each hole takes only but a few minutes to complete, this is a very easy game to pick-up-and-play when you have some spare time and need something to keep you preoccupied. You can even bring it into a party/gathering setting, as it also features local multiplayer where each player will get a chance to play after each shot.

Fun-size fun

With five areas, each featuring nine holes and three difficulty levels, that comes to 135 different scenarios. Additionally, you can also collect several extra skins for your golf ball by completing different challenges. All-in-all, House of Golf won’t keep you occupied forever (unless you continuously try to beat your high score), but this is a decent amount of content for such a little game. It’s a shame there are no online leaderboards or online multiplayer, but this isn’t a massive omission.

The folks over at Atomicom set out to create “just a simple golf game”, and I think they struck a hole-in-one on that goal. At $9.99, I think House of Golf is worth taking a look at if you just want a beautiful, leisurely experience on Switch that will give you a decent dose of fun in short spurts.

Release Date: Nov. 08, 2019
No. of Players: 1 player to 6 players
Category: Arcade, Sports
Publisher: Atomicom
Developer: Atomicom

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